Water features

The tranquillity of a water feature

A water feature will add the sound of water and movement in your garden. From simple fountains to ornaments we can give you ideas and build a bespoke eye catching focal point in your garden.

There are many sources for inspiration available these days. One of our particular favourites is the Japanese water garden which actually has it's origins in China. The peace and tranquillity of these unique water features is a beauty in it's self.

We not only create beautiful water features but we also repair and restore existing ones too. There can be any number of reasons a water feature can fail but with our experience we are sure to have them running in no time. If they really have gone past the point of no return then we would be happy to advise or create a stunning new water feature for you.
One of our favourites under construction
  •  Interesting use of natural stone

    Interesting use of natural stone

  •  Under constructon

    Under constructon

  •  Repair in progress

    Repair in progress

  •  A simple fountain can be relaxing

    A simple fountain can be relaxing

  • Globe_water_feature
  • Water_cascading_over_rocks
  • Littlehampton_water_feature

Your garden will take on a new personality with a water feature. Interested? Please call on 07774 843571 or drop us an email

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There are many kinds of water feature available and one of the more contemporary approaches is the Rill. These highly stylish features can add a certain elegance to a garden while providing an interesting departure from the more typical feature. Another quint feature is the bubbling millstone that has become popular in recent times. If you have a great idea we would love to hear it!
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