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Artificial grass or real lawn, the choice is up to you…

Natural grass
A natural, well-kept lawn can be a thing of beauty and we certainly enjoy creating these important features to any garden. We can provide a complete turf solution for a 'established look' lawn or provide a lawn from scratch with the seed method. The advantage of this system is that you can choose from various seed varieties to guarantee the style of lawn you want to end up with. We also provide a lawn maintenance programme during the summer months to ensure your lawn is looking its best. This includes mowing, trimming and tidying.

Artificial grass
For those that don't have a lot of spare time but want to enjoy a beautiful lawn, artificial grass is the perfect solution. With new technological and manufacturing advancements, artificial grass has become almost an art form providing a highly convincing product that requires virtually zero maintenance. This is becoming increasingly popular as more become acquainted with the benefits of these wonderful lawns.
A great lawn - natural grass or artificial, requires good preparation
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Tel 01903 916801

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Nothing compares to a well kept lawn but the problem faced by many of our customers is an acute lack to time so they engage our services to ensure their lawn is top notch. This is also true for the astonishingly lifelike artificial lawns that are available. Because time is of a premium, some have opted for maintenance free artificial lawns that look stunning and don't need any upkeep.
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