Pond design and construction - our passion

We just love ponds, there is something about the way the water moves, the freshness it brings and the life it gives to a garden.

With our experience, expertise and sheer passion, we can give you a fabulous pond that will transform your garden into a delightful outdoor space. We can give your garden a completely new and different character, one you can love for years to come.

Chemical free swimming
We can create a natural swimming pool in your garden or convert an existing large pond. Using a combination of a reed bed filter and a filtration system you can enjoy a chemical free swim amongst lilies and flowering water plants. In addition we can use rainwater reclamation to fill and maintain its water level.
A pond can give character to a garden
  •  Planting new pond

    Planting new pond

  •  Natural wildlife pond

    Natural wildlife pond

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Tel 07774 843571

If you like the idea of a wonderful pond in your garden, please call on 07774 843571 or drop us an email

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On site: 07774 843571
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We specialise in designing and installing ponds of all sizes. Additionally, we are able to advise on aquatic life having previously had an aquatic shop for twelve years. This has resulted in having gained a great knowledge of fish keeping and all that goes with it. We also refurbish ponds that have fallen into disrepair, bringing them back to their former glory.
Call us on 07774 843571

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